Saturday, 6 July 2013

Exploring Wikipedia

Hi Friends,

Have you heard about Wikipedia? Yes, I am sure you might have seen atleast once ?

You can find anything in Wikipedia ? But I want to share some more information regarding the Wikipedia… Read full the mail. :)

I will not talk about History of Wikipedia and all, but want to take you to Wikipedia at Glance and how to take advantage with Wiki.

1. The Home Page of Wikipedia is This site consists various articles on various topics covering 285+ languages.

Click on above link and you scroll down, you can see various languages. Click on each language and check, it redirects to home page of particular language.

For Example, Click on Telugu Language ( it is found at last line of 10,000+ side heading). You can see, the Telugu Wikipedia home page is not just translated one. In Home page, you can see, the news related to Telugu people. Traditions and Location also(Andhra Pradesh) . The home page daily changes daily in all languages.

2. Still scroll down the Home page, 12-13 icons at the bottom of page!!

Do you know what are they ?

Let us explore one by one.

When you click on 1st icon, the site is redirected to

i. Travelling –

Hey this is amazing. Click on continents on Home Page, you will find much info on Continents, Places to visit and etc.

You will get info by Train, By Car, By Plane, By Boat and etc.

ii. Media – – Wow, Here you can find photoes, videos, audio contributed many people around the world.

iii. DICTIONARY – – Hey it’s amazing. Its not Wikipedia. It is Dictionary. you know, It is also available in many languages.

So, start searching your meaning in this site.

iv. NEWS :- – This is another site, called Wikinews, where you can find current news in various languages.

v. QUOTES :- – This is site is totally Dedicated to Quotes. Many of us know many quotes. they put remarkable remarks in our lives. You can get inspirational quotes in various languages categorized by People, Films, Themes etc.

vi. e-BOOKS:- – It’s amazing site again. Where you can find many e-books freely in many languages on various domains.

Just go through the link, you can find many work material for you.

vii. Species :- – You can find al species information over here. Humans, Birds, Animals.. and etc. I think Bio-tech or Zoological students may find it useful.

viii. WikiSoruce –

Some things we include are:

Source texts previously published by any author

Translations of original texts

Historical documents of national or international interest

Bibliographies of authors whose works are in Wikisource.

ix. University –

Learn various topics and do various courses freely from this Wiki university.

You can find much valuable information from here.

and my request you to create your account in Wikipedia ( once you have created account for one site, you no need to create the account separately for others).

What to do next?

Wikipedia is open source project created , edited and maintained by “US”. Yes, Everyone is involved in it for sharing the information. Much information is there in wiki sites. but still much information has to be added. Please involve in the movement. and become yourself volunteer contributors.

Yes, I have created some articles in Wikipedia and Edited some of them. Its very nice feeling to share info with whole world. Wikipedia is such a nice platform. So, I request you to create account in Wikipedia and start contributing and Let share the knowledge.

If you have any doubts regarding the account creation or anything, you can reply to me asking your questions.

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Are you job seekers or Job creators?

Hi Friends, 
I have found some good sites which gives guidance, funding and etc to young entrepreneurs.
Many competitions are being conducted by many organization, just participate in your relevant areas. You may get support from them. Just dont be job seekers. Start thinking on your idea, convert them into actions and create your job by yourselves. 

Do you have an idea? Just convert into action. and make society better. 

Just check it out some site..

Got the info from Eenadu(Telugu Daily).